Thursday, December 9, 2010

January Book Club

We missed those of you who did not make it tonight and glad to see those who did. Miranda did a wonderful job on the cucumber sandwiches and the tea. Yummy!! Its always fun to get together. Looks like the next will be on 1/13 lets plan on 7:30 for now. Love ya all and happy reading.

This month I am going for a mystery... Again.

When Laurence Fife was murdered, few mourned his passing. A prominent divorce attorney with a reputation for single-minded ruthlessness on behalf of his clients, Fife was also rumored to be a dedicated philanderer. Plenty of people in the picturesque Southern California town of Santa Teresa had a reason to want him dead. Including, thought the cops, his young and beautiful wife, Nikki. With motive, access, and opportunity, Nikki was their number one suspect. The jury thought so too.

Eight years later and out on parole, Nikki Fife hires Kinsey Millhone to find out who really killed her late husband.

A trail that is eight years cold. A trail that reaches out to enfold a bitter, wealthy, and foul-mouthed old woman and a young boy, born deaf, whose memory cannot be trusted. A trail that leads to a lawyer defensively loyal to a dead partner -- and disarmingly attractive to Millhone; to an ex-wife, brave, lucid, lovely -- and still angry over Fife's betrayal of her; to a not-so-young secretary with too high a salary for too few skills -- and too many debts left owing: The trail twists to include every turn until it finally twists back on itself with a killer cunning enough to get away with murder.


  1. SO sorry I didn't make it! I thought about you all, all night in fact. Well... until I fell asleep at 8:00 - then I didn't anymore. :) I missed seeing your beautiful faces! And cucumber sandwiches - big sad face about that! Anyway... just wanted you all to know that I LOVE you and wish you a very big MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Love Sam

  2. I'm excited to read this book. I checked on Amazon and you can get copies of it for $0.53 plus $3.99 S&H, not to shabby! Sorry I missed book club. If it wasn't for my kids being in the Nutcracker I would have been there. It sounds like it was so much fun. See you in January. Merry Christmas everyone!